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All Free Video Converter

All Free Video Converter can convert video files between various formats with fast converting speed and excellent quality. This batch converter simplifies batch file conversion. It can convert almost all video formats to your favorite audio & video formats. Learn More>>

Powerful Batch Conversion

All Free Video Converter provides the possibility to convert hundreds of video files in batch. The converter will automatically detect your computer and make full use of it to shorten the conversion process. This feature helps a lot when dealing with a large amount of video conversion work.

General Video & Device Support

You may collect videos from tons of sources like YouTube, DVD-Video, digital camcorder and even your friends' cellphones. These videos are of various formats - that may bother you as your player supports only two or three of them. With All Free Video Converter, you have abundant choices when decide which format to use. iPad, iPod, PSP, cellphones... no more compatibility issues.

Easy Quality Adjustment

Feel troublesome or do not know how to change the complicated parameters? You'll find no difficulty using All Free Video Converter. It comes with a set of presets comprised of some frequently used parameters. For each format, you just choose a preset from the list & the default preset works fine for most types of conversion.

Easy, Fast, Superior & Free Video Conversion

All Free Video Converter is considerately designed for users of all levels. The easy wizard style operation as well as advanced encoding engine gives you smooth and fast conversion and the output quality is guaranteed. Unlike many other free programs, our converter works with no size or quantity limit, let alone the annoying watermark.

All Free Audio Video Studio

All in one software for multimedia and documentation production to fit your needs. Learn More >>

All-in-one Package

All Free Audio Video Studio bundles numerous free video, audio, CD/DVD, image and PDF tools into a versatile suite. It's laid out in 4 large sections accessing important features: MP3 & Audio, for your tunes; DVD & Video, for ripping, burning, converting, and playback; Photos & Images, for your pictures; YouTube & Miscellaneous, for Web video and other purposes. This well-designed control panel makes it extremely easy to access just what you need. Now, you never need to download all of these tools one by one once you have this free studio.

Covert & Extract Audio

With this free software you are able to convert audio files between different formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, AAC, M4a, FLAC, etc. to play on music player. It also enables you to extract audio from any video files to enjoy on the trip without staring at the screen.

Record, Edit & Enhance Music

All Free Audio Video Studio, designed for music fans, has everything you need to record, edit and master professional-quality audio on your home computer. The audio recorder tool records music and sound from virtually any source. Then energize, sweeten, and even restore your audio with studio-quality signal and effects processing tool - free audio editor or free audio cutter. Create music with studio-quality effects is as easy as a pie!

Create Slideshow & Animated GIF

The inbuilt slideshow maker lets you easily create slideshow with a series images and stylish background music to impress your business partners with a perfect product presentation, make an original present for your best friend or make great video lessons, upload them to your site and attract more online students. The free video to GIF converter tool helps convert short comical video clips or longer movie scenes into animated GIFs, which they then post to blogs and social networking sites.

PDF Process, Scan & OCR

With the documentation tools, any office documents can be easily done! Office users can convert PDF to image for better viewing, convert PDF to TXT/Word for easy editing, scan to PDF as well as merge separate PDFs into one/split multipage PDF into multiple PDFs, extract text with cutting-edge OCR technology without retyping the words one by one.

All Free DVD Ripper

Want to enjoy DVD collection anytime, anywhere, anyhow? Best converter for DVD conversion to AVI, MP4, FLV, MP3 and more! Learn More >>

Multiple Language Video DVD Ripping

If you have purchased a DVD-Video with multiple sound tacks and subtitles of different languages and you want to save it to your computer, you may need a DVD ripper with multi-language support to do this. All Free DVD Ripper lets you select the audio/subtitle language you want and combine it with the ripped video. This is extremely useful for video playback and language learning.

General Formats & Devices Support

All Free DVD Ripper is designed for converting DVD-Video content into general video/audio formats for various purposes. It also provides smooth video conversion for playback on iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP and many cellphones. Now you can enjoy your DVD movies without discs while in a travel.

Top Output Quality

The output quality with All Free DVD Ripper can be adjusted thought preset configurations. The advanced conversion engine guarantees the video-audio synchronization of the result. You will get a smooth playback without any skipped frame.

Preview & Snapshot

Have you ever been bothered by such kind of ripping that you don't know the exact scene that you are ripping? All Free DVD Ripper provides a built-in previewer to play the whole disc or the selected titles. During ripping, if needed, there is also a Preview button by which you can see the part being ripped. The snapshot feature helps to backup nice scenes and save them as BMP/JPEG.

All Free PDF Converter

Multifunctional free PDF converter toolbox to manage your PDF files! Learn More >>

Convert PDF to Image

All Free PDF Converter with reliable quality and humanized design is your ideal helper, which can protect you from having troubles in converting PDF to image with minimum consumption of time! It has the ability to convert PDF to dozens of high-resolution image files like JPG, PNG, GIFP, etc. for easy access or further manipulation. Now you can share them on the portable devices everywhere or edit via any photo editor software.

Convert PDF to TXT/Word

To convert PDF to TXT/Word files, All Free PDF Converter is your best assistant. It is a light tool to convert your PDF documents into editable text format or MS Word document to use it in web pages, word processing documents, PowerPoint presentations, desktop publishing software, search and indexing applications, or in content management systems. Just edit and reuse your PDF content in other applications without boring retyping!

Merge PDF Files in Any Order

The inbuilt PDF merger splitter tool is specially designed for business people, law firms, real estate brokers and agents, title companies, etc. to merge multiple PDF files into one for better organizing, archiving and batch printing. You can add/remove/clear PDF files or rearrange the file order to merge flexibly by the "Move UP" & "Move Down" buttons as well as dragging the listed file to the position you want.

OCR - Extract Text from Image

All Free PDF Converter includes an OCR tool to help easily recognizes text and characters from PDF scanned documents, photographs, faxes, and digital camera captured images. It allows you to easily extract text from images and save as editable and searchable text, such as DOC and TXT. The extracted text can be edited, formatted, searched, indexed, automatically translated or converted to speech. It's time to stop retyping. Just scan and OCR.

All Free Scan to PDF Converter

If you need to send someone a document, it's now easier to scan to PDF and then send them with one-click e-mail attachments! Learn More >>

Scan to PDF

All Free Scan to PDF Converter is simple, yet powerful twain compliant document scanning software designed to just get the job done. It helps scan paper documents into industry standard PDF documents for digital archiving, filing or backup, save clutter and space. The created PDF files can be emailed, uploaded online, even can be viewed on mobile devices and smart phones.

Convert Image to PDF

Advanced and highly efficient, All Free Scan to PDF Converter is specially designed to convert multiple distinct format images to compressed PDF documents with accurately preserving the layout of original image files. It directly converts all type images, photos, pictures, graphics, drawings, scans, photographs, faxes, stills, snaps, screenshots and snapshots in JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF and tons of other formats into a single PDF file without specific technical efficiency.

Adjust Image

Sometimes, it is necessary to adjust both scanned and local images for easy processing. Before conversion, you are allowed to rotate or flip images in clockwise rotation or anticlockwise rotation; crop images to the right size according to your needs; crop image selection to clipboard and paste to other picture editors to create new images and clear selected image area if wrong area is selected. Unlimited Undo and Redo functions are provided to roll back to the previous version of the image.

Specify Paper Size & Compression

All Free Scan to PDF Converter allows controlling the output quality by choose the proper papersize and output compression. The default PDF papersize is A4, which works in most cases, but of course you can still choose the one that perfectly meets the requirements from A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, B5, Letter, Legal, Ledger, etc. Output compression methods like JPEG, RLE, G3Fax and G4Fax are also available to produce excellent output quality. In a word, the software gives the output quality without having any error and any loss, which is highly helpful in making good presentations of PDF file.

All Free Slideshow Maker

All Free Slideshow Maker is a free slideshow creator program to help create stylish slideshows from your digital photo and image collections and output them to video. You can backup the photos of wedding, baby shower, birthday, graduation, camping, etc. and combine them in a vivid slideshow. Learn More >>

Make Slideshow for Sharing & Preserve

This free slideshow maker transforms images and photos from your life into a beautiful and memorable slideshow with ease. It creates travel slideshows to showcase your travel fun you can share with family and friends. It helps convert photos into video slideshow that you can burn onto a video disc for playback. You can also share the memories on iPad, iPod, PSP and 3GP mobile-based portable devices. Now share your dynamic slideshows with your friends and family and even the whole world!

Create Web Alums

All Free Slideshow Maker is an idea image presentation tool to help create Web albums within just few steps so that you can easily upload it websites to share it on Facebook, Wordpress, Blogger or your web site or keep it private.

Create Music Slideshow

Adding music from your music collections in MP3, WMA, WAV and other formats or add CD sound track to the slideshow will put the finishing touches to your already stunning work of photo creativity! You can enable audio streaming if the flash is designed for website. But remember that a slower song makes your photo video appear more subdued and a fast song will add to the intensity of transitions and effects.

Add Dynamic Transition Effects

All Free Slideshow Maker provides numerous of eye-catching transition effects to create one stunning sideshow with your own picture! It allows you to create documentary-style slideshows by customizing the zoom effect, transition style and transition duration. Just choose from a wide range of transitions according to your demands. There are many other photo effects that will express your unique creative touch and are sure to amaze family and friends! Give more style and personality to your slideshow by inserting transitions in between your photos!

All Free Disc Burner

All Free Disc Burner is feature-rich application to burn or to rip data or media CDs and DVDs. It also includes the features to create ISO image from both existing files/folders and grab ISO file from CD/DVD with easy. Learn More >>

Burn Audio CD/Rip Audio CD

If you happen to be music fan and have several GB of songs stored in your harddisk, All Free Disc Burner has an Audio CD/MP3 CD Burner to create playable music CD for your disc player; if you got too many music CD albums in your room or in your car which up a lot of space, the Audio CD Ripper is ready to extract them to audio files to your computer.

Burn Video DVD

If you want to watch your movie collection or music video collected from around with your disc player, All Free Disc Burner gives you a DVD-Video burner to burn them to DVD discs. You can also burn video CD and SVCD.

Burn Data CD/DVD

Data of any kind can be burned to CD or DVD discs with our All Free Disc Burner: photo, video, recordings, text... anything you find valuable enough to make a backup can be burned to discs. This is a good way for making a second copy in case your computer harddisk is accidentally damaged.

ISO Tools and More

All Free Disc Burner is really a toolbox - except for all the tools mentioned above, there are also tools to burn ISO to CD/DVD, create ISO from files/folders and make ISO from CD/DVD. A Disc Eraser to wipe off the content on a disc and a tool to display the Device Info are quite handy.

All Free MP3 Cutter

All Free MP3 Cutter help users cut audio (MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, etc.) at lightning speed. It can extract clips of any length from a song and provides the visual editing and artistic effects for your selected waveform. Learn More >>

Direct Audio Cutting

All Free MP3 Cutter is a simple utility that enables you to cut out pieces of a MP3 without having to decode that MP3 to a non-encoded PCM (wave)-file, thus creating no temp files & saving more disc space and conversion time. The cutting operation is done with millisecond precision and you can get whatever content in an audio file no matter how short it is.

Visual Editing and Enhancement

The audio file loaded into All Free MP3 Cutter is displayed in waveform so that you can see every tiny little change with your own eyes, not just facing confusing parameters and lines. Practical special effects like normalizing, fading and adding echo are provided with real-time preview and effect adjustment. Now your audio clips can be more stylish.

Easy 3-Step Operation

When using All Free MP3 Cutter to cut an audio file, just input a local audio file or load an audio CD track with our program, select the part you want, and click Trim. That's a 1-2-3 operation that requires not much related experience. The whole cutting stuff is easy to learn and friendly to casual users, kids and elder people.

All Free YouTube Downloader

All Free YouTube Downloader is a free tool to download videos from YouTube and convert them to MP4/AVI/FLV and other audio formats. With its easy to use wizard mode, you can just copy the URL of the video you want, paste it and click "Download". Learn More >>

Batch Download YouTube Videos

Do you often surf around YouTube to see if something new and funny is posted? Or maybe you like those newly released hot music videos and movie trailers? Unfortunately, you can't download YouTube videos directly from their page. But All Free YouTube Downloader, an easy tool, could fix this. You just paste the page URLs of the available YouTube video to our downloader & it will analyze them and find out the real download addresses. The video will soon be downloaded into the folder you specify.

Preferred YouTube Quality Settings

All Free YouTube Downloader allows you to set download priorities, which means once you have specified the settings, the downloader will automatically download the format and the quality you want, as long as they exist on the page. This saves you lots of time converting FLV to other formats.

Convert Video Files

Another amazing feature of All Free YouTube Downloader is converting video files. After downloading, you can continue to load the YouTube videos to the conversion list, or add some video from your collection. Files of different formats can be converted in batch into AVI, MP4 and many other formats compatible with general media players.

Easy Wizard-Style Operation

From downloading to converting, all you need to do is follow the instruction of the wizard & click Next. There is even a button to open the folder you store the output files in case you don't remember where you saved them. Just need a little practice & patient and you will get what you want without reading a manual.

All Free ISO Burner

All Free ISO Burner enables you to burn ISO image files to CD/DVD discs with high speed. Additionally, the burner can verify the written data to guarantee the information veracity and usability after burning. Learn More>>

Burn ISO Image

If you're not a "techie" and need to burn an ISO to DVD rather than CD, check out All Free ISO Burner - an excellent and easy tool to burn ISO image to discs, which gets you an exact copy of the original disc from which you made an ISO. This way you make your game and software discs replaceable in case they are damaged. No need to mount any "virtual drive" which simulates physical CD/DVD now as you actually own the discs!

Select Burning Mode & Speed

All Free ISO Burner provides different burning modes: Track-At-Once, Disc-At-Once & Session-At-Once. It also comes with the test mode to simulate burning for checking errors. If your burning drive provides optional speeds, you can also select the speed as needed from the settings menu of our burner.

Create Bootable Disc

Need to create a bootable disc for your computer? All Free ISO Burner is able to write bootable image to a disc so that you can boot your system directly from the drive.