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All Free MP3 Cutter

Want to cut an audio file into smaller part?
Our MP3 cutter cuts audio of various formats into pieces!

  • Cut audio of all formats to a smaller audio clip
  • Direct cutting without recompression or quality loss
  • Visual editing with basic editing functions and audio effects
  • Configuration presets with frequently used parameter settings
  • High-speed batch conversion
  • Wizard instructions to operate with ease
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista & Windows 7/8
  • Proven safe and free programs without any malware
Free MP3 Cutter

Why use All Free MP3 Cutter?

  • Cut audio of various kinds into smaller parts for faster upload & distribution
  • Add artistic audio effects to audio to create music ringtone
  • Free application, easy interface and powerful cutting features make the multimedia sharing & distribution easier ever

Our guarantee:

We promise our MP3 cutter will be 100% free, 100% clean, forever!

Cut big audio files into pieces with visual and direct trimming

All Free MP3 Cutter will meet all you audio cutting needs. With the abilities in cutting MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, etc., it will cut MP3 files at lightning speed. It can extract clips of any length from a MP3 song. In addition, the selection tool and visual editing functions are available. You can control the quality precisely with its well-defined presets and there is no quality loss as the direct cutting. No need to be experienced in audio cutting!

1. Cut

2. Edit

3. Presets

Visually cut audio
Basic editing & effects
Quality & format presets
Add Files Output Settings Start Joining
Audio of different formats can be cut with ease Cut, copy, paste, etc./Echo, fade-in, fade-out, normalizer, etc. Presets with user-specifiable parameters for quality adjustment
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Free MP3 Cutter

Here's Your Free MP3 Cutter

100% clean and free MP3 cutter - All Free MP3 Cutter, makes the task of cutting MP3 files a breeze without any limitation or extra expenses and relieves you from any disturbance of adware, spyware, malware and viruses.

Widest List of Audio Formats Supported

Powerful! Widest List of Audio Formats Supported

This free MP3 cutter supports a large amount of input formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG, APE, AC3, AIFF, MP2, M4A, CDA, VOX, RA, RAM, TTA and much more as source formats. Any large audio files can be cut to a small piece to the most popular audio formats as MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, etc.

Cut Audio Files with Ease

Cut Audio Files with Ease

Cut audio segment by setting the start & end frames that can be played back and output to your computer. As an audio cutter, it cuts a large sound file into smaller parts which can be more easily emailed or uploaded to websites or blogs.

Load CD Tracks or Local Audio Files with Ease

Thoughtful! Load CD Tracks or Local Audio Files with Ease

You can directly load audio CD to input the audio track or load the local files in your computer. Drag-and-drop function is supported to conveniently input the file.

Direct Fade in & Fade out Functions

Direct Fade in & Fade out Functions

Built-in fade-in/fade-out as well as some other audio effects makes it easy to do some simple effects to your output audio segment. You can also add echo, increase/decrease the volume and mix the audio files with the file opened. You can easily find and click the buttons to process these operations.

Millisecond display and Selection Tool

Precise! Millisecond display and Selection Tool

Millisecond-level precision is supported, by which the cutter can fulfill much more professional needs. Two slider bars are provided to set the start and end frame respectively. You can also enter the specific time in the "Selection" or "Length" area as needed.

Preset Cutter with Simplified Customization

Unique! Preset Cutter with Simplified Customization

It requires little experience to have total control over the output results. Our audio cutter prepares many presets with different combinations of cutting settings for playback on all kinds of software applications and devices. Just pick the one you need.

Easy Operation

Easy Operation

The interface is straightforward and you can easily find the buttons you need within 1 minute, even for inexperienced users. Also, the advancers can select precise settings with well-defined presets to meet their demands in just few clicks.


Editor's Review


PCWorldâ„?Editor's Review - Advanced

All Free MP3 Cutter is an edit tool that has the ability to cut out pieces of audio track. For most professional needs, users can set start time and end time with millisecond precision, split or cut any section of the MP3 file they want. One important thing should be pointed out that any other audio recording can be polished up by removing the noisy or distorted parts. It is a nice, handy and easy to use application, otherwise.

Software Cocktail

Software Cocktailâ„?Editor's Pick - Multifunctional

Cut with high precision and no quality is lost! All Free MP3 Cutter is real time encoding/decoding, no disk space will be used when cutting audio files. To extract a particular piece from the program, we just left click on the beginning of the section and drag the cursor to the end of it. Some audio effects can be conveniently applied through clicking. Works perfectly for the average user.

What does All Free MP3 Cutter do?

Award winning

The step-by-step instructions below will help you get started using All Free MP3 Cutter. Simple instructions, format presets & direct cutting are provided for easier operation, better output quality & more time saving.

You need only 3 steps to get the cut files. All you need to do is to install and launch this cutter & follow the instructions.

How does it work in detail?

1. Add audio files

Click "Load form file" and choose an audio file of supported format to input. You can also click "Load CD" to input the tracks on the inserted audio CD. The cutter will display the file in waveform which is convenient for visual editing. You can zoom the waveform by the zoom buttons or your mouse wheel.

2. Trim and edit

Now you should select a part of the waveform to cut. You can specify the start and end frame to the millisecond precision. Then, click "Trim" to trim the selected part. You may add some effects like echo and fade-in/fade-out as well as adjust the volume of the portion. You may now preview selected part by clicking on the play button.
(4 ways to select the portion: Drag your mouse with left button down along the waveform until the point where you desire to select a session of the file; Move the sliders below the waveform window to select a part; Enter the specific starting/ending time in the "Selection" area; Click on the waveform to set the starting point and enter the duration time of the selection as needed in the "Length" area.)

3. Start cutting

Select a location to store the output files. We provide 4 output formats in "Export Format" menu (MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG) and you just need to choose one of them as needed. Then, if you want to adjust the output quality, you should click the "Settings" button to use the well-configured quality presets for every format; you can also enter the specific parameters you want. After the quality adjustment, click "Save Now" to start the cutting. When the processing window disappears, the cutting is finished. You don't have to remember where you output the file as we provide a "Find Target" button to directly open the output location.

That's it. No cost, no registration, no malware & no complicated operation.


System Requirements

  • All Free MP3 Cutter has been designed to work with Windows XP/Vista/7;
  • Recommended Configuration: Pentium® class CPU - 1.4 GHz or more; True color (16,8 M colors) Video Card - 1280x1024; 1GB MB RAM

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