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What does All Free YouTube Downloader do?

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The step-by-step instructions below helps you use All Free YouTube Downloader to download YouTube videos and convert them to other video/audio formats to enjoy with your computer or portable devices.

You need only 6 steps to get the YouTube videos downloaded and converted. All you need to do is to install and launch this converter & follow the instructions.

How does it work in detail?

1. choose "download video from youtube"

When you launch the program, you can see two options ("Download video from YouTube" and "Convert audio/video previously downloaded from file"). If you what to download first, choose the former; If you have some local video files to convert, choose the latter.

2. paste youtube urls and select download setting

Copy the URLs of available YouTube videos and click "Paste" to paste them to the "Input URLs" area. You can delete selected URL or clear the area. The program will auto-check if the URLs are correct and pop up a window if wrong URLs are pasted.

If you check the "Prefer YouTube high quality", the downloader will download the video in the default sequence (When downloading video from YouTube, if a higher quality version exists, it will be downloaded instead of the other versions); you can also uncheck the option to download the default HQ5 quality. There's a "Config..." button to activate the window in which you can set preferred sequence of qualities.

Then, click "Select" to choose a download folder. You can add more URLs if you want. To start download, just click "Download".

3. downloading

Now the program is analyzing the pasted URLs. Within a few seconds, the titles of the videos display and the download is started. Downloading speed, time estimation data and a progress bar can be seen in the program window. You may click "Cancel" to quit download.

4. add downloaded files to conversion list

When the download is finished, a brief report will display. The videos have been downloaded to the download folder now. You can see a button below the report ("Convert the downloaded file(s) now!"). Hit this button and the downloaded video will be added to the conversion list window.

The detailed information of the downloaded files can be viewed. By "Add Video..." button, you can activate a browser window to find and input the more video/audio files to be converted. You can use "Delete" to remove selected file from the list; or use "Clear" to remove all listed files. "Move Up/Down" is used to arrange the sequences & you can also drag the listed files to change the order. There's a "Play" button to play the selected file with the media player in your system.

5. select output settings and quality adjustment

Select a location to store the output files. We provide 2 tags for output formats: Video & Audio. Each tag has many buttons of output formats and you just need to choose one in the right tag.

Video: AVI, MP4 & FLV
Audio: MP3 & WMA

Then, if you want to adjust the output quality, you should activate the "Presets" list, in which we provide many well-configured quality presets for every format. After you choose a preset, you can click "Back" to go back to add more files or "Convert" to start the conversion.

6. start conversion

After you hit "Convert" button, the program will immediately perform the conversion. You can view some progress information as well as a process bar. During the progress, you may click "Cancel" to stop the conversion. There are also post process options to play a sound to remind you/shutdown the computer when the conversion is finished.

You can see a brief report after conversion. You don't have to remember where you output the file as we provide an "Open folder" button to directly open the output location. If professional analysis is needed, you can click "Log" to view the log information, which can be saved as a .log or .txt file.

That's it. No cost, no registration, no malware & no complicated operation.


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